Travel Blog Feb. 5 2019

We have been in the UK for a while now fixing the new boat. She is coming along nicely. 2 Imagine is 42 feet long, white with a royal blue stripe and looking good.

It has been hard being in one place for so long. I am used to moving about a lot more, but what can you do. 2 Imagine isn’t quite ready for the water. We still need a Mast and Sails, oh yeah… and an anchor. (Its those important items that hold you back…LOL).

Jadyn has been doing well in school. She actually has posted some funny YouTubes on her WholeUCoaching Kid site about how easy it is. Most likely it’s that homeschool pushes her a bit more. What do you expect when she has two coaches as parents. Glad she is doing alright though! I am proud of her!

Truly, my travel bug has been biting and telling me it is time to get back on the ocean to see what there is to see and achieve what there is to achieve. I am looking forward to it!

Isn’t that amusing…. fixing this boat is a great achievement and I already want to get to the next one. See team… I have to coach myself too. Focus on the task at hand. We have great things to do here in Millbrook, UK. Fix 2 Imagine up and have her be the best boat she can be. Put in the love, sweat and muscle to create something amazing! That is where we are headed.

Once 2 Imagine is finished I will put up some pictures. She is going to look great!

“What’s left?” you may ask.

Well, like I already mentioned the mast, rigging, sails, and also the stanchions, bimini, and arch. Andy hasn’t decided if he will build a new dinghy or not. We will also run some new pipes for the plumbing and then a little more paint. We plan to be fully solar so we have to get the panels on too.

OKAY, OKAY, there are a few things to do yet. We live on a boat and are sailing around the world, there are always going to be things to do! Arg!

If it was easy everyone would do it!

Thank you for reading this post, I will keep you updated as things progress!

2 Imagine