Gained a wealth of Knowledge to add value to my client and coaching experiences. Love Rachel Wade’s high performance mindset.


I was not sure what to expect when I hired a life coach and have been speaking with Andy weekly for a couple of months. He has guided me with suggestions, thoughts and encouragement that have allowed me to set new goals and make positive changes to many facets of my life. He has shown superb experience in helping me set and strive for physical, financial and personal goals and his advice has proven invaluable. His listening skills and ability to perceive the actual problem has help me overcome obstacles within myself that I did not realize where the actual issue.  I sincerely look forward to my conversations with Andy. I greatly appreciate his daily support through text and email and have a much more positive outlook on business and life due to his help.

I had pretty much put my coaching dream on hold for another day, for when I had more time and more energy. After doing the course I feel more confident that I can succeed in achieving not just this, but some of my other goals as well. Andy and Rachel brought such great energy and inspiration and provided very tangible steps to help us move forward. My own personal productivity has gone up a notch as well, as I am putting into practise some of the things we learned.
I would like to thank Andy for his passion and the no BS approach to coaching. And thanks also to Rachel for her dedication and understanding throughout the training. You both have such a great attitude and process. There is an amazing balance in your approach and it definitely made me feel cared for. And the interactions are easy. Really looking forward to work with you more and learn more. Thanks for everything ❤️❤️
Insight for me personally has been about what I really want to be doing (who with and how much) and what areas I need to focus on to achieve this.
Confidence in myself and my ability to provide value for my clients. I love that you both provided practical stategies that can be implemented immediately to get results. I also liked the small group format.
Do it!. If you are wondering if you should, then you probably need to :-). I think you both bring different things & experience to the table that we can all benefit from. It’s very practical and relevant.
I love what Rachel & Andy provide as coaches. The have an amazing arsenal of knowledge and experience between them. The content is relevant, practical and thought provoking. They will help you to define what it is you want to achieve and provide you with tools you can use immediately. No “fluff” or BS just real honest content. Thanks for getting me back on track!

Undertaking peak performance coaching with Andy is a life and game changer. When I learned about the amazing opportunity to be coached by such an elite performance coach, I didn’t hesitate – I knew this would transform my business, my life and catapult me into the direction of my dreams. 

Andy has a wealth of knowledge and skills that he generously provides to his coaches to help:

  • Clarify your focus – Andy has helped me gain clarity to be crystal clear with my goals, why they are important to me and what I was prepared to do to achieve them.
  • Set your pace – Andy will go as fast or as slow as you want. You set the pace and Andy will help you achieve what you never thought possible. 
  • Improve your mindset – Andy works his magic in this area. He has the tools, skills and experience to help you overcome self-limiting habits and form new habits and thoughts that contribute to your success. And the speed in which he can help you achieve this is remarkable.
  • Confidence – Andy’s coaching has helped me understand my areas of control which has helped me improve and maintain my confidence with myself and my business. 
  • Develop as an entrepreneur – Andy’s successful history as an entrepreneur and coach is incredibly valuable to gain new perspectives and consider new possibilities and opportunities.

There is a wealth of benefits I have experienced from participating in and applying myself to Andy’s performance coaching and I have only been in the program for 3 months! If you are serious about developing yourself and your business and want to achieve your goals (or dreams!) – you can be sure Andy is the trusted vehicle that will get you there!


Rachel, although we haven’t worked with each other for some time, what we have worked on resides with me every day.  I have had the opportunity to really implement all that I have learned and find joy in situations that put me to the test. I don’t know how to explain but I have found some peace in trusting the Universe in its divine timing.
The work I did this past winter taught me so much about myself, where I wanna go and what I am capable of. I think about you often and am beyond grateful for your presence in my life
💜 Jessica

What a brilliant webinar, Rachel!!  Thank you.  You are an inspiration.


Over the short period of time we have been working together I have recognised aspects of myself and my actions that haven’t always served my best interest, but with your help I have been able to put into place other ways of working and thinking that have benefitted my attitude and in turn aided my business. My life has been significantly enhanced by our interactions to date and, although still a work in progress, watch this space!!  If this is how far I’ve come in such a short space of time where will you have taken me by the end of the year.

Thanks Andy, brilliant working with you.


“I had hit rock bottom, after just leaving a toxic relationship, I was a single mum with no job and no money, nor could I find a job. I hadn’t even started my  business, even though I’d bought all of the programs on credit card.  So I was also in huge debt looking at bankruptcy. I just didn’t see any future for myself – I just felt like curling up in a ball under my duna. But then I booked a session with Andy, and he provided me with the tools and resources I needed – affirmations, homework, goal setting etc. Andy was right on target when he read my pre-questionnaire that I needed to change my negative thinking. Even though it took me some time to implement these new tools, I had to do something as I had to survive and thrive for my son’s sake.  So I blindly followed Andy’s techniques, just trusting in him and what he had given me to do would help me come out of the deep depression I was experiencing at the time.  Little did I know how powerful Andy’s coaching and techniques would bring me out of the mudpit of despair and help me rise up in confidence and willpower to keep going no matter what else was going on, and I started to get results.  Andy is extremely professional, and certainly knows what it takes to become a peak performer – what it takes to be one of the 1%’ers. He generously shares his amazing solutions to everyday situations that I would come across in my  journey.  I just can’t put into words what Andy has done for me personally and professionally – all I know is that it is priceless – he literally saved my life!! Thanks so much Andy”.


I really loved Rachel’s coaching and course.  Each week there was a mix of personal stories, slides, inspiring videos and practical coaching experience.  There was huge growth between the first sessions and the final sessions, not only being a coach with skills like presence, powerful and direct questions but also as a person, because being coached each week, made you a better person.


I’ve been working with Andy on the Peak Performance program now for 2 months. According to my partner I’m not the same person that I was 2 months ago, I’m taking that as a compliment! I’ve been able to approach situations that would normally stress me out with clear logic in order to seek solutions. My relationship with my daughter is slowly starting to transform as I move towards the goals that I have set for our family.

The Peak Performance program has changed the way I view and operate my business. I have for the most part stopped listening to internal negative conversations and replaced this with productivity exercises instead. My day now has a very definite structure centered around my goals in order to move me forward at all times.

Andy has a no nonsense approach to coaching people and bringing out the best in them, he can quickly identify when a person has mental barriers and how to overcome them. He is clearly practicing what he preaches and in doing so is a huge source of inspiration.


This is something I have wanted to do for the last 4 years but I believe everything happens when it is supposed to happen, timing is everything. I cannot express to you how much the course affirmed my beliefs, current thought processes and life choices. I felt the content was stuff that set my soul on fire! Absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to be a Life Coach.
Rachel Wade was a great facilitator bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the sessions. The discussions and connections our group made far outweighed the content we were learning. I have made connections with people who are like minded and we continue to support and cheerlead for each other even though we completed our classes a month ago! My mentor coaching sessions with Rachel are great to provide insight, clarity, guidance and support.
The combination of the course, practical sessions, connections and support from the group has confirmed what I should be doing – it has energised me and opened up opportunities that I didn’t consider even a month ago. My confidence has increased and my desire to help people and make a difference in people’s lives is being fulfilled now more than ever. Thanks for the opportunity.

I began working with Andy Wudrich within his Peak Performance Program shortly after starting my own business after leaving a successful corporate career. I found Andy to be a very direct and passionate coach.

His energy and determination to see me succeed in my goals is second to none, in the 4 months since I started my coaching business I’ve worked with Andy for the last 3, in this time I have secured 8 clients meaning that I have already earned more than my initial investment.

I fully expect that as I continue to work with Andy over the rest of the year that I will reach and exceed the goals I set at the start of the year. It is worth noting that while Andy’s coaching is focused on my business he is always mindful to ensure that my goals are balanced across all aspects of my life.

Thank you Andy for what I have achieved so far and what I will achieve in the future.


The Peak Performance program has helped us gain more focus and control over our daily lives.  Its helped us put simple practices in place that help us to stay positive and motivated to succeed, no matter what life throws at us.

The Peak Performance program has helped us see the small things we weren’t aware we were doing that was impacting our business negatively and limiting our growth and provided us with the tools to change them.  We’ve noticed an immediate change in how our business is growing due to these changes.

Andy’s coaching has helped us immensely.  We trust Andy’s judgement and know that he will be honest with us and will direct us in the best way to move ourselves forward.  Both personally as well as for our business.  Andy’s wealth of knowledge and his energy and genuine will to see us succeed is encouraging and helps keep us on track.  

Kim & John

There is no doubt that Peak Performance Coaching is one of the pathways to really unlocking your potential.

For me it’s has heightened my focus on the important things in my business. The secret is maintaining a systematic routine that becomes a habit. The change is not overnight but you can feel an internal shift in the way you think, speak, feel and act.

I thought I was on top of my own personal development. Andy’s coaching has taken my growth personally and professionally to another level



“I have been on the Peak Performance Program with Andy Wudrich for 6 months now. Since being on this program with Andy, I have made changes to my personal life that have impacted not just on me, but my family and friends. I have been able to overcome lifelong habits that I was not able to before and have learned to understand myself on a far deeper level than I have prior.

Andy understands what it is that I am going through, what stage of my personal development I may be experiencing, and provides me with the exact tasks that help to support my growth. This to me is a mark of a highly experienced coach. He not just talks the talk, but walks the walk too. A highly inspiring and motivational coach who I personally aspire to emulate. Thanks Andy! “ 


The Peak Performance Program has radically improved me personally in areas such as my ability and awareness of how much I should be celebrating my successes in life, truly enjoying life to the full and constantly seeing it from a positive outlook which makes life so much more fulfilling because I don’t waste time and energy on negative thoughts. I have never felt so capable of achieving my goals in life … goals that I would have said were way out of my capability prior to working with the Peak Performance Program.

My business has sky rocketed since starting the Peak Performance program, I thought I was pretty good before I began the program but it has taken my business and my performance to a whole new level. The focus, discipline and awareness of performance has changed my whole approach producing consistent and outstanding results since starting the program.

Andy has an inspiring, pragmatic and focused approach to his coaching, totally supportive and totally committed to you achieving Peak Performance. He has this innate ability to get you into the mindset where you recognise that only you can make the changes happen and that there are no limits. I can say with complete conviction and confidence….just do it, the Peak Performance program delivered by Andy is life changing !

Thank you for so much more than I can begin to explain…. its truly amazing what you have helped me do.



I began the Peak Performance programme with Andy Wudrich in January.  As a coach, I felt, it would be highly hypocritical of me to pass up on this fantastic opportunity to receive coaching from someone with Andy’s CV.  The programme so far has had a large impact on me, both personally and professionally.

I have worked with highly motivated teams and individuals pretty much my whole career and indeed spent much of my time operating in and leading highly motivated teams.  When I left the British Military after 26 years and set up my business I began to experience a lack of confidence in certain areas of my life that I had not experienced before.  Ultimately a strong and confident individual I was struggling with this notion as I moved forward with business.  Since joining Coaching it had helped to provide more focus.

I have found since starting the programme my outlook in all areas of my life has altered and I am able to recognise and celebrate successes in all areas much better.  The most important element in this for me is the recognition of the small successes that I was previously ignoring as normal or expected behaviour.  As a family we are moving toward setting family goals and are generally more able to discuss what is best for all of us and truly becoming Other People Centred in our approach.

Professionally I am focussing on being able to make the neural links from my huge successes in sport/physical activity and the qualities needed to achieve these successes, to the qualities required to be successful in business and in life.  Under the guidance of Andy, I am now more capable and able to lift the important factors from the face of the success and relate these into any area of my life that I desire.  My goal setting has improved exponentially and is now so much more effective.

So what has this brought to my business and my ability to coach?  I am recognising my own emotions and catching myself thinking to increase my awareness of where I am in comparison to where I want to be.  Once this comparison is made, I am able to take the qualities I have in abundance, that have been proven time and time again on the sports field, in the gym or in the mountains, and apply this in a business setting.  I am improving all of the time on my visualisation which enables me to be able to control my emotion much better than I have ever done before.  I am not ready to purchase an Aston Martin anytime soon but I have recognised a more consistent approach to business that will bring with it a recognition in the business community of my professionalism and credibility, so I am confident the Aston Martin will follow!!!  As a coach I am becoming more and more rounded and more appreciative of me, my ability and the ability of my clients to succeed.

I believe this programme is a must for any coach and certainly to those coaches involved in Coaching clients.  The importance and what counts with this and any other programme, is what you do with it and how you apply it, therefore, I would say sign up with Andy and hold yourself accountable for all of your successes and DO IT NOW!

Andrew H

I have been in the Peak Performance Program with Andy for 6 months now – and looking back it’s amazing how much has shifted in my business and my life in just that short time. Before I started the Peak Performance coaching, I had been a  Coach for almost 3 years, and had been applying the material and tools in my life – and I had the benefit of having Andy as my National Director and being coached by him in that capacity. So I knew when John and Andy announced the Peak Performance Program that it was an unbeatable opportunity to take things to a new level. 

Looking back, after just a few months in this Program, it’s been transformative. I am much more focussed, more confident, I have taken charge of my emotions to an extent I wouldn’t have believed possible. I am getting results in my business that I previously would have thought unachievable for me. In my personal life, I am much fitter – I completed my first 5 km run in April, and will complete a 10kim run in August (this from someone who’s always believed that “I am not a runner”) – my relationships and communication have improved noticeably, we have done things as a family that previously we’d only talked about, and I am loving life across the board.

Possibly the most significant impact has been on my mindset. The way I think has shifted significantly. Things come naturally to me … almost automatically … that would have seemed out of reach. When I think back to the “me before Peak Performance”, it’s as if I spent most of my life with the hand brake on. Andy has helped me to not only take the brakes off, but also to engage “Turbo”. 

Andy’s Peak Performance coaching has helped me significantly improve all areas of my life, for good. What’s really exciting is that I know this is just the beginning. For anyone who is committed to being the best they can be, I cannot recommend Andy and his Peak Performance Coaching enough.


Working with Andy and the Peak Performance Program has changed my life in every way.   This Program has pushed me well outside of my comfort zone and I know that I am a better coach which is undoubtedly helping my business, I have made advances in my business that I struggled to do before Peak Performance.   No matter what stage you’re at, if you want serious transformation, being part of this Program is a MUST!


Since starting the Peak Performance Program with Andy in April this year I would say all aspects of my life have pushed up that bit further. 

I have always been self-motivated and task-oriented, and Andy’s program has seen me rising to another level both personally and professionally.

When I say this, I mean not just in what I’m accomplishing, but in the way I’m thinking. 

I am more flexible in my thinking, more creative in my approach, more productive in my doing and more effective in the moment.

It is the break-throughs in thinking that have seen me feel better and act more in alignment with who I want to be, how I want to show up, and where I want to go. 

Having always been a planner and a diligent at keeping a diary, this too has gone to another level. 

Planning my week and my days with key outcomes and themes has led to a far greater focus. I think even more about my goals, they are deeper in my subconscious, and therefore I move towards them with greater confidence, self-belief and certitude. 

Andy challenges me, keeps me accountable without having any attachment to or judgement around my outcomes, and is so willing to share his own knowledge about coaching, his experiences, his way of doing things and the deeper content around the subconscious which for me is where a lot of the learning is.

The daily discipline of this program is constant but takes things up a notch both in terms of professional outcomes and personal improvements, and I look 


Personal Impact
I have been in the business full time for 29 days.. prior to this I had already had one session with Andy and set up my goals and monthly targets. My whole mind frame around goal setting and commitment have completely altered. I have adopted a daily practice that is resulting in me being at the source of my authentic power and building a very strong mentality around success.. and after just 29 days the results are already showing in all areas of my life. I have started to transform my relationship to myself and lost half a dress size (which was one of my goals). My relationship with my family has altered and I seem to naturally serve everyone that I touch. I am beginning to see that I have this infectious energy and can see that people want what I have …

Business Impact
Within just 29 days I have had two public speeches and at the last one they believed I made such a big impact that I have been invited to attend another public speech where they generously granted me the full 40 minutes slot. I have 5 paid in full workshops and 2 individual clients with one more of each on target for the month.

I like Andy’s direct approach and I needed this. I wanted to know what to do to make me successful and he has over achieved on this front. Leading on from conversations, I have created this very easy system to manage my daily tasks and this is leaving me very clear about what needed to be done
day to day… the momentum is building and I and my Clients will be reaping the rewards. Thank you Andy. If this is what can be achieved in 1 month
and 29 days… I am more than excited to see what the outcome will be after another 10 months of working with you.