Summing Up our First Year Living an Adventure

16 December, 2018:

I thought I would start our blog about telling you where we are and how we got here.

…It was a dark and stormy night…  LOL….

Just Kidding!  No, really nothing that crazy. Instead let’s start about a year ago.  My partner, our daughter and I were planning to circumnavigate the planet by sail boat.  We had thought that we would start in a year or two.  At least that is what I thought, however my partner, Andy, had other ideas. 

Imagine waking up one August morning and having your partner say, “We need to go now!”

You look at them cross eyed, “What?”

They answer: “We need to go now or we won’t go!”

That is how it all began.  My partner had a boat in New Zealand that he had hand build.  (A Richard Woods, Gypsy, Catamaran 32ft).  I thought it was an amazing boat!  Just a little too small for 3 people.  We sold the boat in New Zealand and started on our voyage. 

We bought a boat in USVI, St. Thomas. 2 days before Hurricane Irma hit (we recommend not doing that by the way! Very stressful!)  

Andy, Jadyn (our daughter) and I left New Zealand.  We stopped over in California to wrap things up there (my apartment, pack up things in storage, say hello and good bye to family).  Andy got the first flight he could to the USVI, St. Thomas in early October, 2017.  Jadyn and I planned to follow a month later.  I had clients and classes to teach still.

Can you imagine flying to a boat you just purchased that had just been hit by not one but two hurricanes?  STRESS!!!  And we were.  Worse the phone system and telecommunications were still pretty bad.  We didn’t know once he got there how he was going to reach me.  

Alas, he went.  

Thank goodness for AT&T!  Although the signal was weak we could speak to each other.  It was nice to know he made it.

But what about the boat you say? Yes…. the boat! My partner arrived in St. Thomas.  He got a cab over to a marina that had a water taxi to get to the island where the boat had been anchored.  At the marina Andy found a man who was traveling to Water Island.  He offer Andy a boat ride and a lift to the pond where our boat was supposed to be.  Andy was crazy nervous!  When he arrive at Flamingo Pond he looked around.  The first thing he saw was a pile of 12 boats stacked by the hurricane on top of each other in the middle of the pond!  His month dropped open.  If it had been me I’m sure I would have started to cry.  He is not me, thank goodness, and he started to look around.  As he was review the lay on the land or pond rather, he noticed boat pushed up on shore, groups of boat crashed together and then there was Gilligan, off by itself.    (What a great name, right?)

Truly Gilligan was okay.  A small hole above the waterline but that was it.  Well, that and a big wet mess inside.  

Andy started cleaning up.  By the time we got there you wouldn’t have know the boat had been in the hurricanes.

For the next few months Andy, Jadyn and I started making Gilligan our home.  We learn heaps about USVI, and really enjoyed it there.  I loved the Danish culture that still squeaks through the prevailing US culture.

In February was started our next adventure.  We headed up north to Florida.  On the way we visited the Bahamas.  Stanley Cay, Leaf Cay, Long Island, Harbor Island and then Florida.

Jadyn as we dinghy into Long Island 

While in Florida a person that had wanted to purchase the boat contacted us and let us know that if we wanted to sell he REALLY wanted to buy.  He made us an offer that was hard to say no to.  

So off we went.  We handed over Gilligan, a Waharram to a new owner (it was seriously hard to let that boat go).

Andy, found another boat in Texas.  We loaded up our things in a UHaul and headed to Galveston.  There we hopped on a Richard Woods Flica.  We lived here up from April to May and headed off again.

In Texas, Houston NASA center

I worked during that time (I was teaching an ICF coaching course) so Andy and his friend headed off to the Bahamas without Jadyn and me.  It took two weeks.  Andy said it was interesting dodging oil rigs and ships. 

Jadyn and I flew to them as Andy’s friend flew home to New Zealand.

We stayed in Grand Bahamas for a while.  Ate some Counch (man, I love that stuff!). 

When my course I taught ended in June we headed up the coast straight to Halifax, Canada.

What a beautiful place!  And it was warm.  This made us really happy since we had been living in 90 degree weather.  Jadyn and I took the paddle boards out and just enjoyed living on a boat.

Our goal was to sail across to England from Halifax.  Unfortunately this wild storm wouldn’t go away.  In was nearing mid August and my new course was going to start soon.  Andy and decided that we didn’t want to stay in Canada while it was getting cooler.  Since the storm wasn’t going to let us cross we chose to head back down to the Chesapeake.  Jadyn has be studying US history so it was a perfect place for me to work and Jadyn to keep up with her school work.

We stayed in Portsmouth, VA till November.  We enjoyed Norfolk and Plymouth.  We also listed Williamsburg and heaps of historical sites. Very COOL.  (Okay, I like history… I’m a geek, I know). (I promise not to bore you too much with it).

And what would you know… Andy was speaking with the broker that sold Gilligan to us and said that he had a boat he thought we would love.  We reviewed the boat together, went over the pictures, discussed it.  Lol… That was it.  With in two weeks we sold the Flica and here we are in the UK.  We had hope to sail here but that didn’t seem to be the plan for us.

Now we are on a fantastic modified Waharram Catamaran, 2 Imagine.  She is beautiful,  42 feet (11.9meters).  We have some work to put into her,  Steve Tunnel (pervious own and builder of Imagine) hadn’t quite finished the rebuild when we purchased her.

We have now been here for a month working and see what there is to see.

That should have caught you up… quick and dirty!  Now my blog can be more entertaining.

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