I remember a moment while being a branch manager at a bank that changed my life forever. I was going through a very bad separation from my husband and was crushed. However, like all people the “show must go on”. I had bills to pay and work to do, but my head wasn’t in the game. One day at work I made a clerical error due to not being able to focus. At a bank a clerical error can mean your job. The close of the day came about, and I couldn’t find the error which meant I had to reported it to corporate. Later in the week the error was found but as corporate saw it, it was too late. Now, I didn’t get fired but I got the “if anything like this happens again you will be fired” talk. I thought myself lucky at the time. However, the error was quite small and it was a human mistake. I really began thinking, “how many people have I fired due to human errors?” When I looked back, it was all of them. Who was I? Is this what I wanted to do with my life. Is this who I wanted to be with my team? NO! I wanted my team to succeed and people don’t succeed if they fear getting fired every second because the made a human mistake. This point and those questions changed my life ever! I started rewriting my new life, my new way to lead, new way of being. This created a huge change! I went from having an okay staff to having the best and most successful staff in the region. My staff was the Super staff and I was the Super Manager. I changed jobs and did the same where ever I went. Are you at that point? Are you asking questions that you have never ask yourself before? Please free to share! Photo credit:ameer-basheer-E50s0boOGkA-unsplash