How To Be Successful Through Setting Goals

It is common knowledge that attaining success is no easy task. By being successful, there are numerous factors you have to take into consideration. You have to plan, you have to criticize, you have to commit, and you have to be responsible for every action you take. If you want to know how success is achieved, this article is the answer to your prayers.

The first step to success is setting up goals for yourself. Think carefully of what you want to achieve; think big, think sky’s the limit. Once you’ve created a list, you can then sort them out for your next step which is making your goals into proper ones. Keep in mind that there is no need to rush this process; you can take all the time you need. Here are some guides to help you along the way:

  • S- specific – set specific goals to make it convenient to pin point the definitive target
  • M- measurable – the goal must be concretely measurable and not out of proportions
  • A- attainable – the goal must be just within your reach but don’t limit yourself to small ones
  • R- realistic – imagination is crucial in terms of creating goals but keep in mind that being creative is different from relying in fantasy
  • T- timeline – set a timeline of 3 months to 6 months to achieve your goal – if it is farther out shorten it or you risk losing focus
  • E- exciting – your goal must fill you with desire to the point you want it so bad you will do what it takes to achieve it
  • R- recorded – if you do not track your progress you will not get to your end goal – find a way or an app to record your actions then you can review your progress and this way you are being responsible and organized

Now, we move on to the next step which is working the goal plan. After figuring out what your desired plans are, what you need to do is portion out every goal and the tasks you have to do to make this one goal. While doing this, keep track of the progress you’re making. Keep a diary or a journal to take note of your actions, even missed ones. Having a platform for your progress tracking is necessary and it’s a huge help for acquiring new information and for reviewing end of each week given that you have all the relevant information.

After accomplishing that portion of goal setting, the next step is staying in the course of what you’re doing. It becomes more crucial at this point because you are quite close to your end goal. Here are some tips:

  • Make a ‘vision board’ – put pictures, words, phrases of what you want on a poster – put where you can see it often and take time to look at it each day as a reminder
  • Become ‘accountable’ – tell people your goals, get a mentor/coach, bet a friend, get people around you involved in this journey of yours
  • Perfect practice makes perfect – take time to learn and practice techniques that will help you
  • Practice + reflection and correction = perfection – Learn this well. Reflection and correction is what most people get wrong or don’t do at all. Don’t forget to do these three every day and you won’t have any problem

When you are at this point, you have come a long way. At this stage, it is vital for you to just continue this process and don’t stop. If you feel like putting off something, stop for a moment and tell yourself “do it now”. You are the commander of your own mind and body so make yourself do what needs to be done. Putting something off when you can do it now is an ugly habit and it should be banned from your mindset forever. When doubts come in, it is important to remind yourself of the sole reason you’re doing this. Give yourself affirmations; motivate yourself every day, be the positivity you need around you, do it mentally and physically. This will psyche you up and get you back on your track of success.

Once you have done all the necessary steps above, you are definitely going to be successful and all the work you’ve done will be worth it. If you want more tips and keys to attaining success and/or more, you can check out our ebooks! Book an appointment with us and we will help you out even more! Do you want to step up another level? Visit our website, subscribe and follow us! Let us help you achieve success and do other things you never thought possible. Remember, the sky’s the limit.