I want to share this testimonial with you. If you want to take a course that will change your life contact me right now! Dear Rachel Again just to start by saying – biggest biggest thanks from the bottom of my heart for you helping me and for being out there coaching and teaching in such an amazing, heartfelt and inspiring way. So writing from my heart, Rachel’s course has been so profound for me. It has inspired me and taken me beyond what I could have imagined when I started it. If you are considering doing a coaching course, please please sign up to this one. I can guarantee you will be 100% glad you did. The course works on so many profound levels. We are getting to learn the power of coaching through our direct experiences of coaching and being coached. I never ever imagined coaching was this powerful and I would learn so much in such a short space of time that I can apply immediately. This course teaches how to coach from such a place of integrity, love and wisdom which is down to Rachel and who she is. I cannot put into words fully the magic that happens in our sessions. I am in awe at how Rachel’s course can give each person exactly the experience they need when learning how to coach. And as we move through the modules, how each module stretches us in our thinking and has such a profound impact. Since applying the techniques I have learnt back in the business world with my team, their productivity has soared and their confidence and performance has risen exponentially. I truly believe coaching is the learning model of the future for businesses to invest it and this is the best course out there. I really wish that everyone can get a chance to experience Rachel’s coaching and teaching methods because of what they have given me. I have made shifts which I had not thought possible and my life is changing for the better because of it. lots of love Sam 🙂 xxxxx

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